How Features Of Top Ecommerce Platforms Can Impact The Bottom Line?

How Features Of Top Ecommerce Platforms Can Impact The Bottom Line?

Your online business journey starts the moment you come with a great business idea. Literally, you have plenty options of the best ecommerce platform for start-ups out there. Yet, picking the right one for your specific business model could be tricky. It is one of the utmost steps you will take, and would be really hard to define how little differences in features could actually influence the bottom line of your newly launched venture.

First, Have a Crystal Clear Business Idea

With so many options to choose from, what you actually want does matter. Is it about only selling online? Well, that could be easily done with marketplaces like Ebay, Amazon or Facebook. However, if you wish to own a full-blown online store with enhanced user experience then you might need to pick amongst the best ecommerce platform for startups like Shopify, Wix and more.

And when your business happens to grow further then you will need something that’s scalable. In a situation like this, keeping pace with existing platform will no longer benefit you. And, it will be better to choose amongst international ecommerce platforms or enterprise level solutions. Not only will they help you manage multiple store outlets but will also support international online sales.

After you confirm what your business model is, next is to identify crucial features that platform must deliver.

Key Features to Look Into

If your ecommerce platform doesn’t offer these key features, you’re in trouble.

  • Fast web hosting
  • Exact product search
  • Able to send abandoned cart emails
  • SEO tools (customizable meta data and URLs)
  • Offer a Blog
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Ability to well-Integrate
  • Multiple product photos with zooming capability

Apart from it, ease of use, scalability, integration and ability to customize are areas where you can conduct ecommerce platforms comparison to find the best ecommerce platform for your startup.


World of ecommerce is very much competitive. Today, you see one hit trend, tomorrow it’s gone and you might see something new the very next day. This is why you need to do analysis of this rapidly changing market. Being a retailer, you have more pressure of offering lowest price and the most ethically produced along with speed and convenience. How you’re going to accomplish all that? The answer lies behind the right international ecommerce platform that has ability to solve some real-world problems.

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